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The Basics

Title: Real Simple
Source type: Magazine
Publisher: Time, Inc.
Publishing occurrence: Monthly
Website link: http://www.realsimple.com/
URL: Find it at your local library
Date: Link Verified, 4/23/2009

At a Glance

Not to belabor the point of living simple, but Real Simple is a great magazine full of organization tips, recipes and gift ideas. This magazine is all about trying to make your life easier: from iPod playlist recommendations to help you clean, to great ideas on how to save money in this economy with a "swap party," Real Simple is great for those young and old, rich and poor.

Best for

Anyone who needs motivation to organize or those who cannot stand it when a picture is crooked. Everyday people.

Standout features

Some standout features of this magazine are it's calming pictures and illustrations that somehow make the world seem so much less chaotic. Most of Real Simple's main focus is on rediscovering what you already had. Sometimes in the mess and clutter of our lives and homes, we overlook that which is in our back yard: go treasure-hunting in your closet, learn 28 uses for everyday items (5 uses for post-it notes alone!). Also, the magazine has a section called Real Simple to go in which great little snippets are perforated so you can rip them out and stick them on your bulletin board or wallet for reminders or quick reference.

Keep in Mind

Real Simple is not free. While the online page is free, it offers limited articles. The magazine itself $4.50 in the grocery store, but if you get a 12 month subscription, it comes to roughly on $1.99 per issue.

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